Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

YS Booty Blast with Keira P

Sculpt – 22m

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  • YS Cardio Craze with Amy O

    Strengthen your physical heart as you tone all the muscles around your heart and in your entire body. Find deep breath to carry you through this intense physical practice.

    suggested props: none
    target areas: full body, cardio
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, ...

  • YS Work Your Upper Body with Joel K

    Make the most of a short burst of upper body work as you build strength and challenge yourself to be present. Show some love to your shoulders, arms and chest, balancing intense work with lengthening stretches.

    suggested props: weights
    target areas: upper body, chest, shoulders, arms
    sweat l...

  • YS 360 Core with Joel K

    Use the weight of your own body to build a deep muscle burn and tap into all areas of your core. Embrace the simplicity of breath to movement as your body provides you with all the tools to strengthen and energize your full 360 core.

    suggested props: none
    target area: core
    sweat level: 3