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60 min

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60 min
  • C1 Power Flow with Joel K

    Learn in layers with a foundational flow as you move through basic balancing poses that will build strength to level up your practice.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Basic standing and Balancing poses, Crow, Camel
    target areas: Fully body
    sweat level: 1

    If you have any health issues or ar...

  • C2 Handstand to Hurdler's with Kathryn S

    Ground down, build awareness and work your core to lift off into Handstand and Hurdler's.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Handstand, Hurdler's
    target areas: hamstrings, inner thighs
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.

  • YS Whole Body Strength with Samson F

    Turn up the heat to challenge and energize your entire body with a mix of weighted flow, cardio and strength building moves.

    suggested props: weights
    target areas: Full body
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.

  • C2 Firefly with Keira P

    Get in the flow, find expansion and the courage to fly.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Skandasana, Reclined Crow Pose, Reclined Big Toe Pose, Shoulder Pressing Pose, Firefly
    target areas: hamstrings, outer & inner thighs, shoulders
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregn...

  • YS Cardio Craze with Amy O

    Strengthen your physical heart as you tone all the muscles around your heart and in your entire body. Find deep breath to carry you through this intense physical practice.

    suggested props: none
    target areas: full body, cardio
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, ...

  • YS Double the Core with Whitney C

    Fire up your breath with a challenging sculpt series that will test every part of your body and build confidence in your own strength and ability.

    suggested props: 2 blocks, 2 sets of weights
    target areas: core
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult ...

  • C2 Handstand with Anthony C

    Embrace inversions to invite a new perspective. Ignite your core and expand your upper body as you flow toward Handstand.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Handstand variations, Wheel
    target areas: front hips, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, back
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or...

  • C2 Hip Mandala with Lara G

    Tight hips are to blame for many other aches and pains. Expand your hip and thigh flexibility while strengthening your upper body as you create space for both power and ease in your body.

    suggested props: 1 block, 1 strap
    poses: King Dancer, Partridge
    target areas: hamstrings, front hips, ch...

  • C3 Sundial to Compass with Lara G

    Warm up the body with a series of twists and side openers as you explore the balance of strength and surrender working toward Compass Pose. Find grace in a flow with many layers to support all levels of practice.

    suggested props: 2 blocks, 1 strap
    poses: Birds of Paradise, Sundial, Compass

  • C2 Forearm Flow with Matt W

    Let go of daily stress and distractions with an immersive heart opening class. Move gently through shoulder and core work in preparation for Forearm Stand and Forearm Wheel. Clear your mind, create alignment in your body and build inner strength.

    suggested props: 1 block, 1 strap
    poses: Forea...

  • YS 360 Core with Joel K

    Use the weight of your own body to build a deep muscle burn and tap into all areas of your core. Embrace the simplicity of breath to movement as your body provides you with all the tools to strengthen and energize your full 360 core.

    suggested props: none
    target area: core
    sweat level: 3


  • C1 Warrior Flow with Nicole P

    Slowly build heat in your body as you move through poses to build alignment and strength. Learn to connect breath to movement, embrace self love and find contentment with exactly where you are.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle
    target area: hips
    sweat level: 2


  • C3 Power to Fly with Heather P

    Challenge your body and focus your mind with a slow building practice moving through layers of Figure Four and Side Crow in preparation for Grasshopper/Dragonfly. Create balance and calm as you practice presence and breath work.

    suggested props: 2 blocks, 1 strap
    poses: Grasshopper, Dragonfly...

  • YS Glute Strength with Nicole P

    Fire up your glutes and quads to reverse the effects of long days at a desk with this challenging class. Feel invigorated as you power through an intense cardio series along with a deep burn for your lower body.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    target areas: glutes, lower body
    sweat level: 3


  • C2 Hip Mandala with Nicole P

    Embrace a powerful hip and chest opening series as you work toward Sundial Pose. Ignite your core and create space in your lower body as you practice being content with where your body takes you.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    poses: Forearm Stand, King Dancer, Forearm Wheel
    target areas: inner t...

  • C2 Fly Your Pigeon with Heather P

    Launch and expand with a powerful, challenging sequence meant to ground you in your gratitude and fire up your muscles for Flying Pigeon. Turn on your outer hips and core to create stability throughout your body.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    poses: Flying Pigeon, Flying Squirrel
    target areas: o...

  • YS Inversion Prep with Lara G

    Build your inner fire and challenge your stamina with an upbeat, passionate practice. Balance fierceness and flexibility to prepare you for arm balances and inversions in your personal practice.

    suggested props: 1 block
    target areas: chest, arms, core
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any heal...

  • YS Backline Strong with Matt W

    Sitting hunched over our devices can weaken our back muscles and collapse our shoulders forward. Empower those areas of your body by creating space in your chest and building a strong backline as you move toward Wheel Pose.

    suggested props: 2 sets of weights
    target areas: back, glutes

  • C2 Side Body Strength with Whitney C

    Focus on personal power and finding strength from within. Light up your center, the source of your power, with an intense core flow. We’ll start with slow twisting and front body opening to prep your core as you build toward Side Crow.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    pose: Side Crow
    target areas: ...

  • C1 Open Your Heart with Whitney C

    Take your time moving toward Dancer and Camel, creating long lines from your fingertips to toes while cultivating your breath. Create balance through the front line of your body, open your heart and and practice unconditional love.

    suggested props: 1 strap
    poses: Dancer's, Camel
    target area:...